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Retired Tinsnips "uniontinknocker162" (Stockton, California USA) -
This review is from Amazon: Kay Kyser - The Ol' Professor of Swing! America's Forgotten Superstar (Paperback)
A must read book about Kay Kyser- "America's Forgotten Superstar".. My interest of Kay Kyser started when I inherited some unidentified Stockton Airfield USO show 1940's Big Band photos from my neighbor which I took to a dear friend who knows all about the great musicans and composers of the 40's,She helped me to identify the band and its band leader Kay Kyser and several of the singers.. Which I admit I knew nothing about...after posting the photos on my Youtube Channel with music from the 40's Big Band era, the author of this book contacted me about getting copies of those photos,in which I happily obliged..He has done an outstanding job on Kay Kyser's musical career and history of his Big Band and movie and Television productions...I highly recommend it for all fans of the Big Band era ..      
This review is from Amazon: Kay Kyser - The Ol' Professor of Swing! America's Forgotten
Superstar (Paperback) by SimmsFan
As the author rightfully pointed out, it is about time to see a biography about      one of the most successful band leaders of the 1930s and 40s. An amazing            amount of information was gathered for this book and you join the author on   his way through "The Old Professor's" life from his childhood, his busy time as a bandleader through the years he devoted to Christian Science later in his life. Stephen Beasley made numerous interviews with former members of the band and Kyser's widow, Georgia Carroll. The outcome is a colorful description of the life and times at the height of the big band era.                                                    
The absolute icing on the cake are the illustrations in the book. I've read many biographies by bandleaders but this really stands out. I was thrilled to see not     only a host of rare photos, but also reproductions of lobby cards, sheets music,  and other collectibles, many of them even in color.                                               
If you're into big bands and swing music, get this book!                                  

Steven received a personal letter from Georgia Carroll Kyser, (wife and vocalist in orchestra) stating that she'd received her prerelease copy, and is very grateful  to him for documenting Kay's life and being so precise in doing so.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  "After reviewing the book,  universities and public libraries will want this book."    
                                                                  The UNC Library Curator
 Eileen McGrath

“Your book is even better than I espoused!”     


“The color plates of the sheet music and movie posters, and everything else, is exceptional.  Let's put it this way from my point of view,  your book is "excellent," Thank you for your wonderful effort to preserve the legacy of Kay Kyser and his era, much as we are committed to preserving the legacy of Glen Miller and all of the great talents of the 20th Century. "  University of Colorado -   Glen Miller  Archives 
      Dennis  Spragg


The book—remarkably, the first published full-length                          biography written on the once immensely popular band leader  - in addition to its many fascinating biographical details, is loaded with rare and unpublished photographs and interviews, sheet music and                  magazine covers, and the definitive Kyser discography.  Kay Kyser, a   very private man with   contradictions, Beasley explores Kyser’s post-celebrity life  in fascinating detail.  I must congratulate Steven                 for his outstanding accomplishment, and commend                                   his tenacity."  Professor of English and Film,  University of Nebraska at Kearney               Professor Samuel Umland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Remarkably detailed"   Don Kennedy, Radio Show Host Big Band Jump               

“Couldn’t put it down, a compendium of everything to do with Kay Kyser, just fantastic.” (for your interest you may tune in to the “Sunday Night Interviews”with Steven Beasley)  Chris Valenti, Radio Show Host, WYYR Yesteryear Radio                                                                        

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Professor of English and Film Studie      University of Nebraska at Kearney          



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 Museum of History, Raliegh NC -  America Swing Radio, L.A.  -         Old Time Radio Interview- Flying Home , Television Interview with    Ronnie Paul -  Wentworth & Legget Rare Book Store, Durham, NC              Interview WNCU Radio - Post 43, L.A. - WYYR Radio                                                             



























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