First published full length biography of the man and his band...                             
KAY KYSER - THE OL'PROFESSOR OF SWING!       America's Forgotten Supertar                 
by Steven Beasley                                   
Award Winning Biography                                  

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                      Kay Kyser
                  The Ol’ Professor of Swing! 
America's Forgotten Superstar
by Steven Beasley 

If you're reading this, you probably already know of 30's/40's bandleader Kay Kyser's extreme popularity on radio (Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge), records, film and early TV. He scored eleven number one records and thirty-five top tens. You might not know that he was also a very active statesman in North Carolina, helped bring Public TV to NC, raised millions of dollars for medical services for returning WWII veterans, and was a religious leader later in life. Kyser performed over 1800 shows for the armed forces during WWII, and his orchestra frequently outdrew those of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. Then in early 1950 this great entertainer and businessman disappeared from show business without so much as a word.

Kay Kyser –  The Ol’ Professor of Swing!  America’s Forgotten Superstar, is the first published full length biography written on this man and his band that set swing music on its ear - then disappeared.  How could one who accomplished so much be forgotten?
C’mon chillen – Yess’dance" was the memorable radio catch phrase of this one of a kind
                   Kay Kyser - The Ol’ Professor of Swing! 
                         America’s Forgotten Superstar
                    Harry Babbitt Rare Appearance 1984

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Featured performers with the KK orchestra- Ginny Simms, Sully Mason,
Harry Babbitt, and Ish Kabibble (Merwyn Bogue).
































































































































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