Originally from the deep south, Steven’s professional past has included such music related assignments as assistant director of the scoring stage at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood in the early 1990's. 
He was also head recording engineer /producer at
Songsafe Recording in the San Fernando Valley, and is currently serving the same function at Coffeetone Studio, his own twenty-four track digital facility in the Los Angelesarea.

In addition, he's a professional musician and songwriter, having had his songs in films, written and recorded musical scores for several comedy
shorts shown on Showtime, HBO, and various cable channels in Europe.

He's an internationally published author, with articles in England's Big Bands International magazine and stateside in Back in the Mood, a 1940s related entertainment periodical, and is mentioned in the book “HELLFIRE CLUB.”


Beasley diligently researched the Kay Kyser Orchestra for twenty years, their confidence

and friendship, getting their history first hand from former band members and the Kyser family.

He’s also written and produced a thirteen minute promotional DVD for his
proposed one hour TV documentary on this book’s subject, Kay Kyser – The Ol’ Professor of Swing!  A husband and father of two, Steven currently resides in Northridge, Ca.
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       with Steven 
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"Preserving Music Of America"

"There must be some deeper connection that I wish I was conscious of. I sometimes think I was born at the wrong time, due to my fascination with the 30's and 40's. 
I'm a musican, producer and songwriter by trade and though I love the music of the 60's and 70's generation and try not to be too stuffy with today's music, I still derive warmth and enjoyment from KK band music."

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          a message from steve

 Dear Readers,

After all this time, I'm still passionate about the Kay Kyser Orchestra.  That's why I've written my new book Kay Kyser -The Ol'Professor of Swing! America's Forgotten Superstar and can honestly say I am excited about its' publication.
It has been a labor of love and a challenge researching this for the past 20

This amazing man and his band deserve a retrospective   worthy of their place in American music history.  

I felt it was important that someone do something for them, and nothing substantial has surfaced, so I have turned
out to be" the guy", and am proud that I can honor Kay Kyser and his band in this way.

Kyser performed more military camp shows than any other performer during World War II. 

A contemporary of Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, Kyser often outsold them both in live appearances.
Swing legend Glenn Miller was quoted as saying “The only bandleader I envied was Kay Kyser."

I hope you will enjoy reading about this outrageously talented man and his wonderful band. 


Steven and Harry Babbitt at Roc Hillman's 90th Birthday party.

Interview subjects Noni Bernardi (sax), Harry Babbitt (vocals) Steven Beasley
(writer/producer), Amanda Kyser (daughter), Roc Hillman (guitar) at Amanda's home in 1995. Interviews filmed by Chris Babbitt.



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